Waking Up

1. It’s not that I mind getting up. It’s just that I like sleeping so much more.

2. I’m not a morning person. Just ask my alarm clock.

3. I would have no problem getting up if waking up wasn’t involved.

4. It’s hard to motivate myself to get up when my only reward is going to work.

5. The only productive thing I usually get done in the morning is sleep.

6. In the mornings, I may rise, but I don’t shine until about noon.

8. As early as I have to get up, I need a job with benefits that include an afternoon nap.

9. Getting up would be easy if I could sleep as late as a I want.

10. I know there are good reasons to get up, but it always seems like there are better reasons to sleep.

11. Getting up wouldn’t be so difficult if I didn’t also have to face the day.

12. Getting out of bed isn’t really the same thing as “getting up” about your day.

13. Getting up is a lot easier than listening to my wife’s nagging when I don’t.

14. I start every day the same way. I open my eyes.

15. Waking up always forces me to do something I don’t want to do: get out of bed.

16. My kids make sure I get up—whether I want to or not.

17. Getting up on Saturdays used to be easy when I was a kid—but somehow Bugs Bunny doesn’t motivate me like he used to.

18. The best part of the weekend is waking up without an alarm clock.

19. The best part of the weekend is you have the option of getting up or going back to sleep.