1. Whenever I want to make waves, I just take a cruise.
  2. Taking a cruise probably isn’t a good idea for people who get car sick easily.
  3. Taking a cruise made me face a difficult decision.  Did I want to eat all the good food, or did I want to look good in my swimsuit?
  4. After I got sea sick on a cruise, I couldn’t go near my rocking chair for weeks.
  5. After taking a cruise, I’d have to say the bulimia is over-rated.
  6. Why would anyone want to exercise on cruise ship?  Isn’t standing up challenge enough?
  7. A cruise is where you go when you want to get ship shape.
  8. A cruise is a great place to get pregnant—especially since there are so many sea men on board.
  9. I could never take a cruise because I always want to be well grounded.
  10. The only cruise I want to be on is Tom.
  11. I’ve often thought of taking a cruise, but I don’t think Tom’s latest girlfriend like that very much.
  12. A cruise is no place to start a diet.
  13. The last cruise I went on had so much food, it could actually feed Louie Anderson.
  14. Word of advice—never try to make a splash on a cruise unless you’re either a) going into the pool or b) wearing a life jacket.
  15. I went on a cruise and was very embarrassed when I had to be rescued—from the pool.