1. Boating really rocks my world.
  2. I go boating whenever I want to make a splash.
  3. There’s noting like sitting on a boat and watching the sun glint off the water—to give you a terrible sunburn.
  4. The best thing about boating is that you never have to worry about having a bad hair day—because they all are.
  5. Boating doesn’t scare me—unless my husband is driving.
  6. Boating is good recreation for men—they’re so used to going around in circles.
  7. Just once I’d like to go boating without getting wet.
  8. Whenever I want to make some waves, I just go boating.
  9. Boating is what grown men do when they get too old to play in the tub.
  10. Men want boats because they think it’ll be easier to pick up girls in bikinis.
  11. If my balance was better, boating and swimming wouldn’t always be synonymous.
  12. After going out every weekend, I finally got boat sick.
  13. I don’t know how to sail, but I do know how to sink.
  14. Boating really gives me a chance to putter around.
  15. Nothing can leave you as hot and wet as boating.
  16. Boating can give you a real sense of power—until you run out of gas.
  17. I started boating just so I could make my own white water.
  18. I don’t go boating.  I’m always afraid I might end up like Gilligan.
  19. Boating wouldn’t scare me so much if I just knew how to drive one.
  20. I wouldn’t mind boating so much if I just had some wind screen.