1. I usually spend Valentine’s Day trying to figure out how I’m going to pay all the bills from Christmas.
  2. Bills come like clockwork.  Too bad my husband’s paychecks don’t
  3. It’s hard to have a heart on Valentine’s Day when the bill collectors don’t.
  4. My landlord would never evict me.  Of course he might repossess my apartment.
  5. It’s getting to where you have to have a college degree just to understand your bills.
  6. If I had as many paychecks as I have bills, it would mean I had won the lottery.
  7. Bills are as unwelcome as my mother-in-law’s monthly visit.
  8. Probably the only people who don’t have a bad connotation with the word “bills” are the people who live in Buffalo.
  9. Why is it that you can put your bills on credit but there’s never any credit on your bills.
  10. I wish my paychecks were as regular as my bills.
  11. In life, there are only a few things you can depend on—like bills.
  12. What I lack in money I make up for in bills.
  13. Bills are usually something I can’t afford.
  14. My husband is dependable.  You can always count on him not to pay the bills.
  15. Through our bills, the spirit of Christmas lives on.